Dining at the “Fashion Court”

by Maddy on January 24, 2011

in Blog Love,Dining,Mad♥Mondays

I love that I live in an area that’s overflowing with bloggers friends to meet and some that pass through from time to time.  But this was one of those meetups that was a long time in the making. MLK Day was the day that I finally had the chance to meet with Fashion Court – a fashion blogger and twitteraholic!  She is another fabulous Jersey Girl and one of my very first commenters/bloggy friends when I started The Maddy Chronicles!  Even though she took a hiatus from blogging for a while, we still kept in touch via Twitter and I’ve always regarded her as my online little sister…I really ♥ her! Per her suggestion, we met up for lunch at Nordstrom Cafe and I quickly became obsessed with their food! Have you ever been to a restaurant and loved it so much that you weren’t finished eating before planning your next visit?  Well, that’s exactly what happened!   It was so good that I decided to go back on Friday for another taste of their delicious soup and salad. So besides having a new friend to add to the long list of fabulous bloggers I’ve met, now I can add a new favorite lunch spot too!

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