To Give or Not To Give?

by Maddy on January 27, 2011

in Blog Soup

Today’s Blog Soup topic is one I’ve debated on presenting here because I still find myself fluctuating on how I feel about it. I’m talking about the ever popular giveaways.  Now, I’m no stranger to winning giveaways or even hosting some. I’ve been the lucky receipt of several awesome giveaway prizes including the Sex and the City Hotspot Tour and Modern Bird Studios painting, just to name a few. I’ve even hosted a total of five giveaways on this blog. However, I still find myself on the fence with how I want to proceed with them in the future. I host giveaways for two reasons: as a thank you to my readers and to highlight products that I use and love.  All my giveaways have been paid for out-of-pocket, except for the latest one which was generously donated by Tags-n-Stones after I approached them about purchasing one of their necklaces for my readers. I keep the entry process simple, occasionally requesting a favorite item out of a shop (only so that my readers can be exposed to the small blogger-owned online shops I feature), but never requesting additional followers via Twitter, Facebook or Google Connect (which I don’t have and refuse to get).  I want people to follow along with my blog and my other social networking mediums because they like what they see, not to better their chances at winning a giveaway. I also find that a lot of “strangers” enter my giveaways (probably finding them through Twitter or tags on the posts), never to be heard from again once entering, which defeats the whole “thank you to my readers” rationale. So what’s a girl to do?? I’ve decided to limit the number of giveaways on this blog going forward (one every three months) and to only feature items that I personally use and love, preferably from other bloggers/small business owners. That way, I can still highlight and support some of my favorite online shops without compromising my daily content, which is why I blog in the first place.  So tell me….

How do you feel about giveaways and how do you go about them on your own blogs?