Cyber Cliques

by Maddy on February 24, 2011

in Blog Soup

Before I start today’s Blog Soup, I wanted to ask you guys to please send good thoughts and prayers for fellow blogger Sniff from In Sniff’s Choos. She’s currently in the hospital and needs all the good energy and positive vibes we can send her way!

In Tuesday’s post, I mentioned that popularity only matters in high school.  However, there’s still one thing I find that hasn’t changed  much from those years, even in blog world – cliques.  Remember the Mean Girls’ scene in the cafeteria? Yea, it’s often very similar to that. And much like my experience in high school, I find that I don’t fit into any  one category – I’m not a cook, baker, fashionista, DIY, Etsy shop owner, etc… Sure, I love photography,  but I don’t fall into the mamarazzi category or the artsy photography person either. So I’m always just flailing around in cyberspace –  a girl who likes to write a lot of random stuff about my life and take a couple pictures here and there. And even though my experience in blog world has been far better than my time in high school, there’s often been times where I’ve felt like the “uncool” chick in the room .  Times when I’ve visited blogs that I like in hopes of making a new friend with a unique interest (that I appreciate, but don’t partake in myself), but not seeing the interest returned.  Now like I mentioned before, I don’t believe in tit-for-tat commenting, but I do appreciate every single person that takes the time to read my blog.  And even if it doesn’t always seem like we have a lot in common, once I dig a little deeper, I always find a common ground. And what’s even more fascinating is that the folks I thought I’d have the least in common with have turned out to be some of my dearest blog friends! Maybe if I was a bit more topic-centric, it’d be a different story, but I like writing about everything and I like having blog friends from all walks of life!  So tell me…

Topic blogs versus “lifestyle” blogs: is there a difference? If so, which do you prefer?