The Biggest Night in Hollywood

by Maddy on February 25, 2011

in Movies

Who’s watching the Oscars this weekend?! I am and I’m so excited! But I don’t really watch for the fashion, even though it’s nice to see what everyone is wearing. I watch for the movies.  I won’t say I’m a movie snob….but I kinda am! Oscar movie season is my favorite time of year to go to the theatre. There’s rarely a time we’ll go see a “regular” movie anymore – there aren’t many good ones these days.  So we try to catch most of the small indie and foreign films at our local arthouse theatre.  And this year I have seen all ten Best Picture nominees. And if I can say so myself, this year was a great one for movies! I think I’ll be pleased if any of the nominees win, well, except for Winter’s Bone… I just couldn’t get into that one. So tell me…

Did you see any of the Oscar nominated film this year?  Who are you rooting for?

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