Mad Hearts Packaging

by Maddy on March 24, 2011

in Mad Hearts

I haven’t posted a business update in a while, so I figured today would be the perfect time to show you what I’ve been working on during the winter break.  One of the things I was really concerned about when making the switch from CD’s to prints was packaging – how would I present the finished product to my clients? But with the help of Dodeline Design, we came up with a concept that is not only budget friendly, but pretty too! Sarah designed and created gorgeous tag note cards with matching sleeves, as well at the round stickers to go on the boxes. She also found the “pool” colored tissue paper (not shown) to go inside the print boxes, as well as the  washi pin stripe tape and twine on Etsy. I found the various silver and blue ribbons on sale at my local craft store. The blue wrapping paper (found at Target) is still up for debate. I looked everywhere for grey and white pin stripe wrapping paper with no success, so I settled on this one for the time being. Not sure how it fits with the rest of my theme, but it will have to do for now.  Overall, I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out! I love that it’s simple, but that it still convey the nature of my photography style – lighthearted and fun.  I hope that when clients receives their prints, they’ll realize how much love was poured into every single one of their photos and how I truly value their business.

*And if anyone knows where I can find striped wrapping paper online, please let me know!