HDMI, Oh my!

by Maddy on May 9, 2011

in Mad♥Mondays,Tech Stuff

Please excuse me while I go into super geek mode.

The thing I heart the most this week are my new HDMI cables.

Say what?!

No worries. I didn’t know what these things were either until I started asking an important question: how I can view the contents of my laptop on my TV? And when I googled the simple solution, I ran to the nearest Apple store to scoop them up.  And I couldn’t have purchased them at a better time! Now that most of my shows are going on summer hiatus, this will be a perfect way to finally stream some new ones on Netflix without having to wait for the DVD’s in the mail. And since this weekend I learned how to use my Nikon D90 as a video camera and do some slight editing in iMovie, I can also record more home videos –  like this one of Isabella dancing – and watch them on the big screen :)