Project Me

The idea was conceived one day at the laundromat (where all my great ideas are born) as I sat there thinking about all the juggling I would have to do in the new year to stay afloat. As women, we tend to cater to many relationships (that of mother, daughter, wife, sister, career woman, friend…) that it is easy to neglect the most important relationship of all: the one with ourselves. Project Me is about nurturing that special relationship. It’s not just about manicures and pedicures (even though that’s certainly one component of it), but about giving a little extra TLC to our minds, bodies and souls. It’s also not a question of being selfish, it’s about filling our “tanks” with positive energy, so we can then share it with those around us. As bloggers, we’re already one step ahead of the game by having a hobby that inspires and connects us with others. But how many times have we made other people or things our “pet project” and have neglected ourselves in the process?  I know I have!  So at the very least, I hope that by doing this weekly project, I will be more conscious of treating myself right: whether that means eating properly and exercising regularly, socializing with friends, taking a mental break from stressful situations…anything that nurtures the relationship with me.  But it wouldn’t be a “blog hop” if I did all the talking, so I’m looking for ladies to guest post on my blog about their own “Project Me” – it could be anything as long as the focus is on self-care in any form. So if you’re interested in participating, please email me!  And at the end of each month, I will be adding a Linky Tool to my Project Me post so that you can link your own project posts on The Maddy Chronicles.  You can grab the link party buttons here. So what do you say….

Are you interested in starting a relationship with “ME” this year?

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