Double Trouble

by Maddy on March 31, 2011

in Birthday,Family,Photography

Trouble: that's what my nephew and my Holga have in common.  Today's little Tyler's 2nd birthday and you know what that means....the terrible two's are here! Fun times! As for my "beloved" Holga, it has become nothing more than an expensive paperweight. Since I got it back in October, I've shot three rolls of film with it ...

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As I mentioned on Friday, this weekend was my nephew Bryan's 18th birthday bash. As usual, we celebrated in the most fantastic way thanks to my sister-in-law Priscilla - the mastermind behind this incredible event. This time the theme (didn't you know...there's always a theme!) was red-carpet VIP.  It started with the invitations, which were modeled after swanky club admission tickets.  ...

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My nephew turned 18 this month and this year, he didn't ask for a new video game, a favorite movie, new clothes or any of the usual items on his wishlist. His only request was a photo shoot with yours truly! You see, he's been planning his BIG 18th birthday bash for as long as I can remember ...

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